viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Fear of lossing


Dear Friend,

I'm glad to hear from you after so long without news. Shared a moment of our lives when we were teenagers. Later we met again in full youth, that's when we share something more than innocent kisses. After living together, we realized we were not meant to follow.

You married, you had children, emigrated.

And yesterday we met again, yesterday ....

At full maturity, we find ourselves facing each other naked, with my skin, fluted by the childbirths, my sagging breasts, but I was most desirable women. We did not need any preamble, we kissed and it was so intense ... tastes and smells in the memory. We could not stop to feel again and again. We kissed, we bit each other, there was no corner of our body without travel.

But we both knew there would be no more nights. Life had offered us the opportunity to meet again, because waste it?. So great was the gulf that separated us?.
We would be able to face the fear of being happy, we had given up for so many years.

The fear of believing that you can lose everything, even before having lived through it.

3 comentarios:

Igor dijo...

Mi nivel no da para tanto, aunque creo haber entendido una historia de dos amantes, ya con sus vidas en marcha, que se reencuentran y se aman sin tregua.
Una noche, un momentos, un soplo.

Soldorient dijo...

Se aman sin tregua...pero no son capaces de dejarlo todo por "el miedo a creer que lo puedes perder todo, incluso antes de haberlo vivido".

zanquiu for yur coment!

Gregori Samsa dijo...

Gràcies a l'aclaració que fas en castellà he pogut copsar el sentit de la història
una mica de por et pot salvar
massa no et deixa viure